Wednesday, January 26, 2005

sorry kids for not updating as soon as you'd like me to, but i have been having loads of fun if that counts as anything.
first weekend back partied, what more do you expect from me? went to austin soon after, but wished i was 21. dumb club cunts wont let me in otherwise. argg.. the day will come too soon, im sure.
anyways.. but all my classes are pretty great. some boring, but they dont seem too hard.
well.. i know one class that may blow my mind a little too far .. MAGIC MATH. that's right. im in the retard math, ya know? where you do group/partner activities?
the first day of class we did a jigsaw puzzle. second, we did flash cards, third, we did an activity with skittles. umm.. yah. im so confused
the good thing about that class is that aj's roomie, matt, is there for entertainment. we sit in the back and joke about no boyfriend girl. she loves japan and loves anime and shit. it's really funny to have her there. also this new guy with a mustache. he looks like he would be a character from napolean dynamite. iunno.. he's weird.
and yesterday was by birthday. aj is so great :) and i saw my parents and got BALLOONS!
anyways.. i love you all and sorry about the delay. i've been really busy and seem to never be in this room very often. until next time..

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The man who has no imagination has no wings Muhammad Ali

Saturday, January 15, 2005

woke up from a dream..

so it's 3:45 about and i had this dream that woke me up.
after having a long dream about me getting ready to go to my grandma's christmas (which i remember pulling like 20 tags off a jacket before i wore it) i started having a dream that my mom and i were on our way to my grandma's house. she was driving my dad's truck and we were still in bulverde.
we saw a bus go up an old road, so we decided to follow it.. the property was gated
we went in and like turned around for some reason and a really cute dog let us out of the gates (was trained or something to let people out)
anyways.. so then my mom ended up going through the same road on accident and i was like, mom? wtf are you doing? and she goes, "oh fuck."
so then we just decided to see what was up the road, and we never saw the bus again
so we're drivin and we're drivin... and we reach this beautiful old house and we started driving through the house, viewing every room.. then my mom started picking up speed, and we reached a window.. and i was gonna open the curtain and i was like, "i bet their view is great!" and my mom goes, "no, i bet it's only stripes and squares that they see.." so we look out the window and see a great view, but then we crahsed through the last wall of the house and were at this spot where the cliff dead ended.
the view we saw was the ocean and it was SO beautiful, but then my mom couldn't slow down enough and as we turned to turn around, the tires on my side slid off the cliff slowly, and we couldn't keep going, so we just let the truck fall, and as we started falling, my mom and i held eachother
i was bothered by the feeling it gave my stomach when we started falling, like when you're on a rollar coaster, but i didnt want to wake up, i wanted to see what happened in the end. but the dream just went black and i could dream no longer. so i woke up by the disturbance and went pee and then got on here cuz people were messaging me. haha.. go to sleep people!

anyways, good night and i hope you enjoy this dream cuz i did... im telling you, if you would of seen the view that i saw, it would of knocked you off your heels, and you would off fallen off the edge of the world in the arms of your loved ones as well.

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The man who has no imagination has no wings Muhammad Ali

Friday, January 14, 2005

i am cold. not the kind of cold where u need a big warm blanket and a fire.
a kind of cold where i need loving arms wrapped around my body.
being naked, surrounded by snowflakes, could never be as cold as this.
one more day and i'll finally feel the warmth my body needs.

4:31 PM


The man who has no imagination has no wings Muhammad Ali

Thursday, January 13, 2005

so yesterday i hung out with an old friend it was a lot of fun cuz like she and i have a lot more in common than we used to and it just plain rocks. she as well as ryan need to party texas state style. cuz anyone who hasnt doesn't know how to really party.
anyways.. yeah, so we ran around san antonio all the way downtown.. well we weren't really running.. but anyway, trying to find neat thrift shops. kinda unsuccessful, but oh well. then we rented DONNIE DARKO cuz she hasn't seen it.
gosh, i really need to own that movie. it's my 4th time seeing it and each time i see it, i smile more and things are just more clear.
then we went to heb and like, these two creepy guys were behind us in line and i didnt have a dollar to buy some water, so the guy totally paid for it, but still.. kinda creepy huh? then they pulled up next to us at the stop light and the whole night i was afraid i'd see their car next to us. but we didn't. all in all a good day/night. hangin out with old friends always kicks ass.

anyways. tomorrow i go to the dentist, what a way to spend the last day here in bulverde before i go back to school. oh well. it made the week go by a hell of a lot faster cuz i dreaded tomorrow to come :( (too fillings btw)
welp, that's all for tonight's post... night loves

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The man who has no imagination has no wings Muhammad Ali

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

so.. because my bee ef is awesome, i might become $1000 richer by april. oh yeah. he showed me this contest that i can enter where you take 11 pictures they give you and like do shit to them using photoshop, or whatever else you have. and like.. that's exactly what im like what im majoring in. how awesome would it be to win? and also how awesome would it look on a resume that i had work published in a magazine before i even graduated! yeah! i love AJ

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The man who has no imagination has no wings Muhammad Ali

Monday, January 10, 2005

short, sweet and to the damn point...

holy god. liz is so damn lucky. she practically lives in a hotel suite with a microwave!

liz: be jealous, that's all you need to do is be jealous

5 more days guys till we party cuz we're back at tx state, then 10 days and we can party hardy for my b-day! oh yeah :)

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The man who has no imagination has no wings Muhammad Ali

Friday, January 07, 2005

so last night, after dinner with grandparents and parents and a mean game of dominoes, i met up with casey at ihop. it was really cool, cuz we just kinda started right where we had left off with our friendship. like she said, we dont live in the past, only in the future. we caught up on eachothers' lives and rememberd all the good times. it was awesome i say. she really helped herself out and changed for the better. not like, change changed, but like, was the same girl i met outside during the bomb threat. so yea.. everything's cool now and she might come to txstate in the fall. that'd be pretty cool to have her around again.

today i went shopping! weeeeeee and spent money that i dont have much of on some cute shoes and a purse and some other random stuff. anyways.. then watched anchorman with my parents "the bears can smell the menstration" "I DONT KNOW WHY WE'RE YELLING" "LOUD NOISES" "Ron, are you paying attention?.... Nope."
ahh.. good times. i heart will ferrel. how cool would that be to have him as my like.. really older brother. really older.. NEways..

then i thought to myself as i was walking around in the kitchen.. how much would it suck if like you made friends a friend and like they called you the night of and said "I cant come tonight, something.... suddenly came up" i mean.. who hasnt seen at least one movie where they said that only because the friend doesnt like him/her. so yea.. it would suck a lot if that happened, cuz then you know exactly whats going on. iunno.. somemore randomness for your pleasure
its kateAgain125: i wish all my friends could just get in one giant room and like we all just sit down and converse. and drink a little too. that'd be bad-a

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

so i was just in the shower and i, being as random as i can be, thought that if i were to be in a band, it would be called "coldshower" because it's shocking! i mean, seriously, would you go into a warm, soothing shower and say! "whoa! watch out there! that's shocking, just like Kate's music!"? i didnt think so..

off making t-shirts and stickers

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The man who has no imagination has no wings Muhammad Ali

i had a dream last night that my sister was like having another baby. and hse had it, and the baby was dying
doctors were trying to fix him and save him
and then i had another dream that i was at walmart, and some bitch parked next to me, but like the tail of the truck was hitting my car, near the gas tank
and i was really pissed, and she kept telling me that she didnt do anything wrong
so i got a cop
.. it was never resolved.. i called her really bad names too
then there was one where i was playing guitar in a live room, like no carpet, and i was doing good, and my dad was with me, then we moved into another room, where there as so much carpet which obsorbs all the sound, and everyone told me i sucked.. it wasnt my damn fault
then i tried playing "swing swing" and i couldnt get the first chord and my cousin was all making me mad, making fun of me.
and i was all, "look, you know how cool it is to be nice right? well you're being mean!"
and everone was all "oooooooooooooooh"
and THEN
when we were at the resteraunt, my friend lost her tooth
and then there was a part where we were all waiting FOREVER for our food, and the same cousin that was telling me that i sucked at playing guitar, came and took some sour cream and guacamole and took it to his mom, (my aunt) and then my mom yelled at her, and then i came over to their table and was like, "look, my nephew is like dying, and the only thing you can do is be selfish, while everyone else here is starving"
then i got the chicken parmasean and the chicken on it was like a chicken finger big
and i was pissed, then i realized im on my diet and i cant eat it anyways and i ate chips and got in trouble

you think this is crazy.. man.. i've had so many weird ones.. i think im gonna start posting my best dreams on here once in a while too..

10:27 AM


The man who has no imagination has no wings Muhammad Ali

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

hurrays fors news semesters

so i've decided that next semester is going to rock. i mean, my first one rocked, but this next one, *nods my head* way harder! i mean, whoa.
it's insane how much i love college. does everyone feel the same way i do? ESPECIALLY HOMEWORK! oh em gee, can't get enough.
and like, doing WHATEVER i want, like anything, anytime, anywhere, just call someone and you're having the time of your life. and who better to share ALL these fun times with the my best friends and awesome b-f!

haha, " semester, next semester"
i know you wanna comment on this one ;)

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


well another unproductive day for me, although i did buy the rest of my text books for this coming semester. oh yea. and i felt really artsie-fartsie, so i painted a picture. its actually pretty cool.. im not being conceited, just proud of my work, that's all and then i joined like half the groups on facebook, that was fun and entertaining.
guess who i get to see tomorrow? no.. santa came a few weeks ago, i get to see my aj! we've been apart for like a day and a half and i already miss him extremely. yup, going up to san marcos tomorrow to meet up with aj and its gonna be fun. man.. its been so long since i've been on campus, what the hell am i gonna do when i go back after the summer break. it's crazy how much i miss college. i sure do love it!
yay. college.
so anyways, man.. less than 2 weeks and i'll be back to my favorite place, with all my friends and my aj

so i saw the guy that invented dip'n dots on opera today. man. he's so cool. i wish he was my uncle so i can have a dip'n dots stand in my room with an oompa loompa to serve it to me. cuz i'd be rich, cuz dip'n dots rock
no im not drunk, well actually i am.. drunk off lOOOOOOOOOOOVe!
whoa. kate .. slow down.. huh? yay. im excited

i dont have one of those footers that tell you the mood im in, so i'll just say it, im HAPPY! happy happy happy, scotch scotch scotch, scotchy scotch scotch. im hyper, can you tell? mainly cuz i've been bored out of my mind today .. and you know what? i love you! i love you! i looooooooove you!!!!!

You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

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The man who has no imagination has no wings Muhammad Ali

Monday, January 03, 2005

so this past year was great and i'm hoping for a even better one this year! aj says he's got lots of plans for this next semester and im super excited!
i just got back this afternoon from visiting the area he lives at. we went to palacious, which was pretty much a shit box, except for the bay area and pretty rv park in which we stayed.
then aj came and met us there cuz el campo is like 45 min. away. he's so awesome guys, you have no idea because you will never know him like i do :) that's right. he's mine, not yours. lol (no idea where that came from)
anyways. so i met his family and that was interesting. i was really scared to meet his mom at first cuz i didnt know if she'd like me. but i guess she did? i dont know. i thought she was gonna like give me a written test and ask like conduct an interview or something. but no. we were both pretty quiet in eachothers' own company.
i met his sister and her husband and kids and they're great. made me feel right at home. hehe

aj's niece, "god bless uncle and his girlfriend"
yeah. she's fucking cute as hell.

anyways, new years rocked too
here's to a new year and a great and party-filled semester! *next semester*
bye loves

*if you get this than you're my greatest love*
I set out on a narrow way many years ago
hoping i would find true love along the broken road
but i got lost a time or two
wiped my brow and kept pushing through
i couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you
every long lost dream lead me to where you are
others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
pointing me on my way into your loving arms
this much i know is true
that god blessed the broken road
that led me staight to you

i think about the years i spent just passing through
i'd like to have the time i lost and give it back to you
but you just smile and take my hand
you've been there you understand
it's all a part of a grander plan that is coming true

every long lost dream lead me to where you are
others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
pointing me on the way into your loving arms
this much i know is true
that god blessed the broken road
that led me straight to you

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